By combining out of the box innovative design thinking,
state-of-the-art engineering and flawless manufacturing MAX
Impact is the latest in diode-based display technology, mixing
pure innovations with practicality and aesthetics. This novel display
technology and its design make it suited to be installed onto any
surface and its only available within the RMG MAX family. With
MAX Impact RMG delivers a visual technology solution that goes
beyond, taking image quality, resistance and durability a big step
further in an all-in-one smart plug and play system thanks to:

  • A new breed of high performance diodes
  • An innovative core display panel technology
    purposefully developed for MAX Impact
  • A special design in the manufacturing
    technique and display coating




Interactive and engaging displays that can resist high
pressure and intense usage without being damaged or
loosing performance, that’s what MAX Impact Interactive
displays guarantee.

  • Reliable performance even in demanding and high usage settings
  • Modular custom made design for walls, floors, or any other structure
  • Razor sharp image quality even from close viewing distances



Turn windows or any transparent surfaces into a
multidimensional  communication asset with the MAX
Impact Transparent displays. Able to take a hit and be
resilient in high duty conditions while providing an
elegant touch to the space and boosting your
connection to your audience.

  • Combines image clarity and sharpness with transparency
  • Modular panels suitable for any space or environment
  • Highly resilient¬†to vibrations,pressure, weather conditions and direct impacts



Bring your message to live in any size you want, whether
small or extra extra large. With MAX Impact you can
create any canvas you like and boost your audience’s
engagement in any setting knowing that no matter what,
your displays are strong to resist any impact and strain.

  • Highly resilient¬†to vibrations, pressure, weather conditions and direct impacts
  • Available in a wide range of formats, sizes and display pixel pitches
  • Applicable on any surface including creative and unconventional uses

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