MAXIMISE IMPACT – Rhino TV project

When modularity and purposeful design get blended with out of the box thinking, state-of-the-art engineering and flawless manufacturing you get MAX Impact. MAX Impact is the latest in diode-based display technology, the next step in the industry mixing pure innovation with practical and modular design.

This ground-breaking display technology is only available within the RMG MAX family. With MAX Impact we have achieved what others have tried, delivering a visual technology solution that goes beyond LED, taking image quality, resistance and durability a big step further all in one smart plug and play system. A special resin coating makes RMG Impact extremely resistant to vibrations, weather conditions and direct impacts from any object. Forget SMD, COB, etc., IMPACT is the new way.

RMG are very proud to present the Rhino TV project. Turning trucks and vehicles into mobile visual spectacles seemed hard before. With MAX Impact it is no longer. This brand new technology allows a seamless integration onto any surface or setting while resisting damage and maintaining image quality even in high strain settings. That is why MAX Impact is the perfect display technology to transform Rhino TV trucks into mobile communication vehicles. Where traditional LED would have failed or be quickly damaged and obsolete, MAX Impact delivered.